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Watch Bare Bottom Spanking porn videos for free, here on Sort movies by Most Relevant and catch the best Bare Bottom Spanking movies now! A lovely bottom, delectably spankable. Though for my part I'd prefer a little more reaction from her. I do love a good response when I'm spanking a girl. bare bottom or not - My 2 kids, 11 yo girl and 9 yo boy accept the idea of a spanking, but always argue that they are too old to receive it.


A bare bottom spanking for the teen girl. When a teen girl has been very naughty and requires discipline in her life, a spanking is. Classic Retro Bare Bottom Spanking and Caning Reviews with Free movie & image updates from the best selected sites. bare bottom or not - My 2 kids, 11 yo girl and 9 yo boy accept the idea of a spanking, but always argue that they are too old to receive it.
A bare bottom spanking for the teen girl. When a teen girl has been very naughty and requires discipline in her life, a spanking is. Lyra Puts Her Over Her Knee And Spanks Her Bare Bottom, pornomovies, spanking, 3 months. Watch Bare Bottom Spanking porn videos for free, here on Sort movies by Most Relevant and catch the best Bare Bottom Spanking movies now!

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Written on April 17th, My parents used to spank us a lot. It was almost always on the bare bottom. Usually my mom or dad pulled off our pants and underwear before spanking us. That was usually my cue, and I started to cry. Sometimes it was a dry cry and When mom told me to get ready for a spanking, the tears would well in my eyes.

Even though I knew it was futile, I would plead for a second chance. She would tell me to stop or she would give me another spanking. I would try to hold it in as I got undressed. When to first stroke lit fire to my bare butt I cry a lot during spankings and make a lot of noise. Part of spanking for me is an emotional release so it feels good for me to let all of those feelings and emotions out.

I hate being spanked but afterwards I feel so much better. Last night I get the spanking of my life for not cleaning the kitchen from my boyfriend. If I want sit down, my butt hurts so much ;-.

Still sniffling from a really hard spanking in front of my family When I was growing up, the wet bottom spanking took on an aura of urban legend. It was supposed to be like 10x worse than a regular spanking. I even heard my fellow 2nd graders tell tales of parents who sprayed their kids bottoms with water pre-spanking, because that's how much of a big deal it was.

I was so excited to have the car that I was even happy to give him the ride. He was not quite 10 years old at the time. We had split up once we got there.

My aunt and her thirteen year old daughter Alice called to go shopping with me and my mom I'm fourteen and a boy kind of soft for a boy but a boy. Alice was still a little girl but trying to be a mommy.

I was basically a good kid, but growing up, spankings were still a regular part of my experience. They always hurt, and were usually delivered by my father, but there were exceptions My parents often took trips in the summer, and my Mom's sister, my aunt, Elizabeth, would come watch us when they went Not before but definitely during and after I got a real bottom scorcher a few years ago.

When I was a kid, I had a regular spanking every Thursday evening regardless of how good or bad I was during the week. Those spankings didn't really bother me, and I look back on those with a bit if fondness.

However, if my behavior warranted a special disciplinary spanking, that was another story! I'm a dad of two boys and I spank them regulary. My Ex-Wife often told me, I should have a strict dad or uncle, because I'm often rude to other people and I deserve a spanking, too. What does other think about this or can help me to be a better role model.

I almost always cry when I'm told I'm going to get a spanking and sent to the corner To think before the spanking. It's not a spanking if I'm not crying and bubbling with pleas to end the punishment. While still crying and wanting to comfort my bare bum, I'm sent to the corner hands on head to think about why I got spanked Ok so I just got my last maintenance spanking for the week just now. So I was told that this last one was going to be hardest and it was true Ok so my Mom called me up to my room for my last maintenance spanking for the bas report card.

I think I was gonna regret getting that bad report card in the first place Bare bottom spankings along with corner time were the only punishment I knew and I knew them well.

I was spanked frequently from around 2 or 3 until I was Growing up in the 60's and 70's spankings were very Crying I was thinking about my days as a youth and all the trouble I use to get in. When ever I was caught disobeying or misbehaving I could always count on a bare bottom spanking from one of my parents. I was spanked up till the age of 15 and maybe once at As a youngster when ever Tried To Be A Hero I usually tried to be a hero and not to cry or anything but it definitely wasn't always possible.

I usually started crying after several strokes. On the other hand, my sister would start sobbing even before the spanking started. I always did after and during to but not as bad as my sister. As a kid I cried just knowing a spanking was coming. Later I tried to fight back tears at first. For instance I remember once we were doing some shopping and dad got mad at me and he told me I was going to get it back at home.

Tears began to well up, that knot in my throat, my heart pumping fast. I was over 10 so I had I used to start begging to not get it as soon as she grabbed my arm and started dragging me to her room for my session with the belt. I would beg and plead to be allowed to keep my underpants and not get it bare butt too.

But they came down every time. Before she spanked me she would call me over and lecture me. It was like a ritual. She would cusp my face with her hand and tell me what I did wrong and how angry she was about it. First off, as a child, I was spanked on my bare bottom with a wooden ruler by my mom or by my dad with his leather belt when I was naughty or bratty. It was always done in private, usually in my dad's study home office for my dignity and with an implement because my parents Nothing scared me more during my childhood than to take a beating.

Seeing the belt, my cries became hysterically. Not always bare but the times he did oh hell yeah I cried. As soon as he said drop my pants, I was whining or at times in tears begging him not. I'd have bend over and he'd lay one torturous blow after another until I was The belt landed on my bared bottom.

It bites horribly into my flesh. Now, face the music! My Daddy My Daddy is very loving. I never questioned his love for me or my sister and brother. There is nothing he would not do to protect any of us. Even when I was being punished, I knew it was out of love. There was some variation in the process when I was little. My strict Catholic upbringing was reinforced manifold at school. In Grade 6 , aged 11 , a number of other boys and I were brought before our primary school principal , a nun , for telling dirty jokes.

Sister Catherine was young even for the times , being perhaps twenty-five However, not any tears were a reason enough for Grandpa to stop tanning my hide. Firstly, the simple sight of the belt made me burst into tears for what was to come.

Take It Like A Man??? My stepfather was an old fashioned southern redneck. I was a bookworm who loved classical music and collected Broadway cast albums. It was not a good fit. It didn't matter if I was at home, on the street or anywhere else in public. The ones that occurred in public were the most embarrassing - and there was usually someone who saw it happening, whether it was When my beautful Mother first spanked my bare bottom, I cried. But soon, I found it sexy. When she caned me, it hurt, but I learnt to love it.

When my sister caned me

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